Fall Decorating--Coffee Beans & Mason Jars...love this!

Coffee Beans, Mason Jars, and flicker light .the heat from candle warms the coffee beans and your room smells great. Great Idea for the beans I have and no grinder

Using Ikea Jars to stay organised in the kitchen

Remove labels from jars (pickle jars, jelly jars, baby food jars etc), wash in hot soapy water, dry thouroughly and fill with baking ingrediants

For the first time I will get all of my kitchen/cooking/baking items organized!


dried Roses in jar. I have many dried Roses in several containers. love this idea with Mason Jars and lace.




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#diy mason jar gifts-would be cute to use the twas the night before xmas story and instead of a heart, do a star, tree, candy cane, etc.

My Passion for Book Page Crafts

Heart Candles Materials: Newspaper/book page, candle, jar, yarn. Steps: Cut a heart out of book/newspaper page. Place around the inside of jar Put a candle in the centre of jar. (light when.