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Equality is what everyone gets what they need, not necessarily everyone gets the same amount/same thing.

I also virw it as, say she just had major surgery then her husband would get time off to help her. Well she just shoved a whole person out of her how is this not as serious as that

I like to shave the back of my calves because I don't like long socks rubbing against the hairs

Leg hair and people<<Wow, what a weird caption. Let's change that to "feminist vs misandrist views on leg hair", good?<<< wow, what a weird caption.

I'm 1000% done with stupid people like this.<<if they make that special underwear or badges get me some,fuckers won't even see it coming

They refuse to acknowledge that the women was raped and then they drawn attention to saying it was her fault that he got HIV+ and saying that women should wear something that lets them know they're HIV+. This is rape culture.


This is pretty real I've never been acknowledged regarding my appearance. I wouldn't want to be harassed but damn. I feel like maybe my tiny pool of confidence in my appearance is all in my head and illogical sometimes