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small cupcakes with cinnamon sticks and pine cones on them are arranged in muffin tins
How to Make Natural Fire Starters
a wall hanging made out of shells and magnets with text overlaying it
TUTORIAL Seashells & Macrame Feathers Wall Hanging / DIY SIMPLE HOME DECOR
a woman is pulling up the curtains with her hands
14 Beautiful and Unique Macrame Patterns by Ourania from myTotalHandmade | Macrame for Beginners
Let's learn how to make beautiful and unique Macrame patterns like 3D seashells and berry knot rainbows with our new featured and super talented teacher
an object is laying on the sand near the water
Como fazer uma concha de macramê?
some sea shells are on a table with the words macrame conch tutor
Macrame Conch Tutorial!!
three crocheted scallops sitting next to each other on top of a table
Tropische schelp
a macrame hanging on the side of a door with a tree in it
an ornament made out of white yarn
KashasFiberArt - Etsy
KashasFiberArt - Etsy