Swings around a firepit.

Swings around a firepit.sounds wonderful - Friends, fire, and swings♥ how awesome would this be? were so doing this in the side yard! perfect place to hang out!

Oh my!!!! This is amazing!

This is an amazing idea! A "hidden pool" that can adjust to several depths or when hidden becomes a patio. No worries about someone sneaking into your pool or being too deep for younger kids. I want a pool, this is so freaking cool


Necessary Inspiration: Turning Your Deck Into A Backyard Room- maybe not exactly like this, but I love the idea of the deck being a real living space.

Hummingbirds at twilight, by Julie Hodder

Humming birds are territorial so unusual to see so many around one feeder.


The Serious Eats Guide to Tennessee Whiskey

We're going to shift our eyes and livers one step to the south this week, and look at bourbon's delicious and popular cousin: Tennessee whiskey. What is Tennessee whiskey, and what distinguishes it from bourbon?


High resolution known places desktop wallpaper of Falls Mill Belvidere Tennessee (ID: