Kähler-lysestaker – se Omaggio-lysestakene med nydelige sølvstriper.

Kähler-lysestaker – se Omaggio-lysestakene med nydelige sølvstriper.

Se den nye Omaggio perlemorsvase i et enkelt tone-i-tone look

Create an elegant tableau with various colourful flowers and put your favourite flowers in the stunning pearlescent vase and invite spring inside.

Kähler Perlemor – opdag en ny version af den skønne Omaggio-vase

The new Omaggio colour is inspired by Scandinavian nature where the mother-of-pearl at the inside of shells beautifully decorates the Scandinavian coastlines.

Omaggio Vase Miniatyr 3-pakning Black, Blue, Yellow

The three vases can stand together in a charming, small design tableau or be used on their own. Use the timeless and sophisticated miniature vases to decorate small shelves with garden and forest crocuses and snowdrops.

Putetrekk Trestammer

Putetrekk Trestammer

På udkig efter en hvid vase? Opdag Omaggio perlemor her

Love, love, love the Omaggio pearl vase from Danish Kahler Design.

Omaggio Lysestake Liten Granite Grey

The popular and easily recognisable stripes adorn the elegant and slim Omaggio candlestick.

Kähler-vase sølv – se Omaggio-miniatyrvasene med sølvstriper.

Create a personal tableau on your coffee table or on a small shelf with the hand-painted Omaggio miniature vases.

Omaggio Termokopp Yellow

Let the sunshine yellow thermal cup brighten up the Nordic kitchen. Kähler's yellow-striped Omaggio thermal cup evokes smiles and joy with every single sip.