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For 26yrs of marriage, I couldn't see your faults because you told me they were mine. I knew deep inside me that something just wasn't right but after all the abuse you had put me through, I thought that the only thing that wasn't right ..... was me. During the upbringing I had & then marring you, all I ever wanted was for someone to love me but you were right, no one will ever love me or want to touch me because I'm so disgusting. Maybe I'm not meant to know what love feels like.

I walked away because you were too busy finding faults in me, while I was too busy overlooking yours. (Author unknown) It takes courage to notice an imbalance and choose something else. I help women move beyond tough times.


:(my Chazer it was so perfect I thought, but one day you just walked out of my life with out a word, and only the clothes on your back.But I have never stopped loving you.I hope some day we can be the way it always was.