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Synnøve Valen
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Free Math Printables for preschoolers, Kindergarten, or Grade 1.  Number Bonds of 10 with number lines.

Free math printables for kids to learn the number bonds of A fun number study of ideal for Kindergarten, Grade 1 or even the younger child.

Free Math Worksheets for Homeschoolers - Help your homeschool student get their needed extra math practice with one of these FREE Math Worksheets. You will find over 60 Math Printables for preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade to help you student practice skip counting, measuring, addition, subtraction, measurement, estimation, and so much more!

Over 60 free worksheets and games for math enrichment for preschool, kindergarten, grade, and grade!

Number Tracing – 4 Worksheets

This includes mathematics too in writing. Sometimes we forget that our students may also need to learn how to write numbers. This sheet allows them to trace the numbers a bunch of times to get that practice and muscle recognition.