Synne Bjerkestrand

Synne Bjerkestrand

Norway / Girl who is obsessed with everything from Bob Marley to northern lights. ♥
Synne Bjerkestrand
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Healthy Banana Bread

A healthier Banana Bread (white whole wheat flour and Greek yogurt) that is seriously amazing. I substituted C Raw Honey instead of 1 C Sugar and Coconut Oil instead of Canola. Doubled the recipe & split between 3 bread pans of batter in each)

"Love does" Find your acceptance from Christ! Seek to please Him and not man

Just because you aren't given the credit and haven't been recognised for your work doesn't mean you have to give up or stop. You don't always need credit, other people do not always have to know what you are capable of doing as long as you do.

Haight Ashbury

Haight Ashbury -- I was so disappointed when I finally went for the first time a few years ago I shed a tear. Guess I expected to meet a bunch of real 60 y/o hippies.