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Synnøve Hanssen

Synnøve Hanssen
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ON SALE Cat build a book activity book add on page felt quiet book page

Build a cat add on quiet book page. children can learn head, feet, and arms. Buy more than one page and mix the pieces up. These pages are wonderful to keep children busy during church, car rides, Dr.

The Quiet Book Blog: Neli's Quiet Book

Today's book comes to us from Bulgaria, made by mother Neli for her daughter. It is an adorable book and I hope it can inspire you!

Abacus Quiet Book Activity - Counts as 1 page in my Quiet Book The abacus has been around for a long time! It is a great way to teach

Only I would do it going backwards from 10 to then embroider "BLAST OFF!" This page would come right after the clock and before the rocketship flames.