This board features an array of expressive and lovely hearts.
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happy valentine's day with hearts and bubbles
Happy Valentine's Day
Send hearts and kisses to your favorite Facebook sweetie with this eye-catching Valentine's image.
a red heart with two hearts on it's face and one has eyes open
Eyes Like Hearts
This heart has nothing but love in its eyes.
a heart with an angry face
Annoyed Heart
Sad and annoyed, this heart isn't having such a great day.
This little heart is waiting to hear from its own sweetheart. Hart, Emoticon Faces
This little heart is waiting to hear from its own sweetheart.
a red heart with eyes and a question mark on it
Questioning Heart
This little heart has been pondering something.
a heart with eyes and tongue sticking out
Smiling Heart Face
Smiling Heart Face
a heart shaped object with sunglasses on it's face and tongue sticking out its tongue
Sunglasses Heart
This heart is too cool for school with its sunglasses and smile.
a red heart with tears and an emoticive expression on it's face
Teary Heart Smile
Teary Heart Smile
a red heart with two eyes on it
Surprised Heart
Surprised Heart
a red heart with stars on it's head and eyes, smiling for the camera
Heart Sees Stars
This heart has just been knocked for a loop and is seeing stars.
a heart with its tongue sticking out
Sleeping Heart
This heart just needs a little snooze.
a drawing of a heart with flowers on it
Botanical Heart
Decorate someone's timeline with this pretty imagery.
a red heart with two windows in it
Heart-Shaped Home
If your home is brimming with love like this icon, you can post it on Facebook to let all your friends know how happy and lucky you are.
a heart made up of hearts and flowers
Big Hearts For Facebook
Big Emoji Hearts For Facebook
a red heart with the words happy valentine's day written in white on it
Valentine's Day Heart
Valentine's Day Heart