Sylvia Kristine

Sylvia Kristine

Sylvia Kristine
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Kid's Favorite Chicken Noodle Soup. Homemade and better than the can!

Pinch of Lime: Kid's Favorite Chicken Noodle Soup Made this for two of my kids that were sick, and they both said it was delicious!

5 Ways to Make Your Eyes Look (MUCH) Bigger!

5 Ways to Make Your Eyes Look (MUCH) Bigger! Blended softer shade eyeliner on top lids. Bold, black lined makes eyes appear smaller. White-nude pencil creates optical illusion on bottom.


Natural eye makeup look for A light shimmery eyeshadow opens up and illuminates the eyes. A set of mink eyelash extensions would look stunning with this eye makeup look!

tattoo would be in remembrance of my Poppa

My princess i think of you all the time your always on my mind forever in my heart you are everything to me my love for you it's amazing and true so blessed to have you in my life

Stardust butterfly tattoo....definately going to add something like this to my current dragonflies on my belly <3

Stardust Butterfly Tattoo Inspiration ❤ >> maybe with a butterfly, fairy, or Tinkerbell - if, Tink? have the stardust with small silhouettes of Mickey (smaller than the stars)