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the words i am overflowing with oxygen on a pink and white circle background
i breathe in calm and exhale tension with the bump to baby logo on it
The Ultimate Birth Affirmations
the words, i trust my body are surrounded by leaves
Pregnancy Affirmations
four different types of greeting cards with the words, you are my greatest achievement and i am
Positive Birth Affirmations Printable - Lynzy & Co.
four different types of hand lettering
Positive Birth Affirmations Printable - Lynzy & Co.
a quote that says,'my baby and i are working together'with flowers around it
15 Breastfeeding Affirmations
a quote that reads, each wave brings me closer to my baby new little life blog
Birth Affirmations (nature theme) – Words of encouragement for the birthing time
four printables with the words in different languages
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