Vesterøya, Vestfold               Photo: Nils Vik  Small cabin

Ikke mer å si melebur dengan indah Vesterøya, Vestfold Foto: Nils Vik

Galleri - Juvet landscape hotel Norway

Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor - Juvet Landscape Hotel, Gudbrandsjuvet, Norway ---Yep, I wanna live here!


Seaside Cabin on the Rocks in Norway: Knapphullet by Lund Hagem

Cabin Knapphullet by Lund Hagem, This small seaside holiday home by Norwegian studio Lund Hagem nestles against a cliff, and features a stepped concrete roof that doubles as a viewing platform (+ slideshow).

Cabin in Sandefjord, Norway by Lund Hagem Architecture.

Half-hidden by dense vegetation, this modern cabin is tucked into a rocky Norwegian coastline. It is a 323 sq ft studio design with a sleeping loft suspended from the ceiling.

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