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a long table set up with place settings
Restaurante Arturito
Restaurante Arturito | Galeria da Arquitetura
a man walking down a runway in the middle of a dark room with lots of light coming through it
Pictures of the day: 22 October 2009
A visitor walks on a floor with a projection resembling water using Solidray Co's projector system Tap Talk 2, which reacts to people's movements on a virtual image, at the Digital Content Expo 2009 in Tokyo
a green wall with plants growing on it
Living wall that doubles as art! By Patrick Blanc
an outdoor dining area with tables, chairs and hanging plants on the wall behind them
Where to Eat & Drink During New York Fashion Week
Fashionable Eats: A Restaurant Guide to NYFW
a living room with couches, tables and stairs in front of a green wall
Skanska Offices - Helsingborg | Office Snapshots
Worldwide construction giant Skanska has an attractive office for their location in Helsingborg, Sweden. The office, beyond being attractive, is incredibly energy efficient, producing enough energy to power itself through the use of photovoltaic cells.
a living wall made out of plants in a room with white walls and flooring
Greenwalls by Greenworks @contemporist
a living wall with green plants growing on it's sides, in front of a doorway
green wall gardening system
green wall gardening system
an outdoor garden with lots of plants growing on the fence and in pots hanging from it's sides
Gallery - Industrial-Style Urban Courtyard
Industrial-style urban courtyard:This green wall, located on the deck level of the courtyard, consists of a steel box frame with hand-thrown pots perched inside. Plants include varieties of mistletoe cactus (*Rhipsalis*) and string of pearls (*Senecio*).
a wooden table topped with lots of potted plants next to black lamps and windows
msochic on
Modern & Rustic..LOVE!!
a dining room table and chairs in front of a window
Sit Back and Relax With Our Small Kitchen Banquette Seating Ideas
Banquettes are a family-friendly solution for fitting many diners into a spot that would otherwise be tight for a table and four chairs. Make small sensational with these pocket-size breakfast nooks that focus on function.