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Beautiful floral arch. Ceremony Inspiration (instagram: the_lane)

Floral arch - As we're getting married outside, on the garden, I thought would be nice to have something to be the "altar". Depends on the cost of everything, I rather the floral arch than the lavender aisle

what a unique love love

I would prefer to have my family and friends in the background of the first kiss than just the pastor.eaI would prefer to have my family and friends in the background of the first kiss than just the pastor.

Romantic. Love this pose for wedding photos, similar to our engagement photos.

I want this for my future wedding day! I love the wedding dress! Photography by Browne Photography

He should be treated like a prince, too! :) Absolutely love this shot! - weddingsabeautiful

Love Love Love everything about this. Flower in hair and sweet sweet moment between bride and groom! I think this is my favorite sweet pic between bride and groom.

I love this. A picture with everyone who came

WEDDING PHOTOS - Draw a heart on the ground with chalk so you can get this amazing photo op - Nice idea for the family/group photo that doesn't just look like a jumble, much quicker/easier to organize everyone, and no height worries.

Such a cute bride/ bridesmaid picture :)

Such a cute bride/ bridesmaid picture :) Love the color of the bridesmaid dresses, too.

The guys MUST do this shot. Lol!!

Hilarious photo idea for the groom and groomsmen. The guy has to show off his ring too you know!

Start your party off right by creating an escalating walkway of balloons leading to the front door

Party entrance Idea- use golf tees to keep in ground. Cut strings to length & attach to golf tee's ahead of time, then attach the balloons that day. What a great idea! Could use to enclose an area for party privacy :)

Toilet Paper Bridal Gowns

Bridal Shower - Always a hit and lots of fun. A good icebreaker. Make teams dress up each bridesmaid and have bride vote!

You could do this at the wedding or bridal shower - have everyone write a wish for you on a paper and create a chain of love to use as decor...

Heart Paper Chains: Cut construction paper into strips, fold each strip in across its width, bend the loose ends in without folding them, bring them together and staple. Repeat with the next strips, making a heart paper chain.