Suzannah Ibsen

Suzannah Ibsen

Suzannah Ibsen
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Wow. We're touched. #newage #reform #daring

Wow. We're touched. #newage #reform #daring

Played all kinds of heroines. But why does Nora look like a common prostitute? #socialsomething #alternateending?

Claire Bloom as Nora, dancing the tarantella, in Ibsen's A Doll's House.

JOHN GABRIEL FINALLY!!! Wasn't so abstract after all. #socool #surreal

"John Gabriel Borkman" Henrik Ibsen’s play from 1896 has been newly translated by Frank McGuinness for Ireland's Abbey Theatre later in residence at BAM’s Harvey Theater.

Little Eyolf #abstract

BYU prepares performances of Henrik Ibsen's play "Little Eyolf" Feb.

Oh baby look back at the pre-glasses days!!! #hipsterglasses #myhubby

Henrik Ibsen - In a of great storywriters, he's about 2 spots behind Shakespeare.

Is this a Henrik trading card? Lololololol. I'll trade him any day during his 5-hour writing ritual ;) #lovehim #genius #norwayswag #sickneckbeard

Henrik Ibsen: Henrik Johan Ibsen was a major Norwegian playwright, theatre director, and poet. He is often referred to as "the father of realism" and is one of the founders of Modernism in the theatre.

I believe my hubby Hennyriky said something similar to me once #lovethatman #hesagenius #norwayswag

Yes Because I have let Cam go after every cray dream hes had in the last 10 years! Well let's just say they quite pan out :)

Another production of Doll's House. Pretty good, but I'm not sure Germany took to it ;) #norwayswag #controversy

Pacific Resident Theater – Celebrating 25 years in Venice, California’s art’s district