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purple flowers with green leaves in the middle
Purple Hosta
Purple Hosta |
a large blue flower with green leaves on it
Hosta Mixed - 6 Perennial Bare Roots
blue flowers are growing on the ground
Perennials - 3-Piece Blue Pearl Sunsparkler® Sedum
purple and white flowers are growing in the ground next to some green plants with pink leaves
Heuchera 'Sugar Plum'
Heuchera 'Sugar Plum' from the Chelsea Gold Medal winning nursery Plantagogo
a dog bowl sitting in the dirt next to some plants
Fertilizing peonies
green plants with the words tough perennials that grow in dry shade on top of them
Tough Perennials That Grow in Dry Shade
some white and green plants with the words our favorite deer resistant shade plants on them
Deer-Resistant Shade Plants
Deer Resistant Perennials, Deer Resistant Landscaping, Shade Loving Shrubs
Deer Resistant Shade Plants (15 Beautiful Perennials and Shrubs That Deer Hate)
blue flowers growing on the side of a house with text that reads, plant morning glory seeds in a hanging basket and they will grow down
Growing Morning Glories: How To Grow Morning Glory Flowers
Growing Morning Glories: How To Grow Morning Glory Flowers
four different types of plants with names in each one's center and bottom row
Heuchera 'Evergreen Collection'
green and white striped leaves in the sunlight
hosta Zebra Stripes ~ unique white hosta with green veins