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a three tiered cake with an angry bird on it's top and polka dots around the edges
a teddy bear sitting on top of a red and white cake covered in frosting
xmas cake with bear and overflow in white
a cake decorated with candy and an ice cream cone
I love the melting ice cream on top. I hope the decoration includes edible items OTHER than fondant.
there is a rainbow cake decorated with lollipops
Candy cake by Sandy's Cakes
a three tiered cake decorated with giraffes and blocks
Sweet Giraffes- From a new video tutorial on my site on creating a double barrel cake. (And featuring sweet giraffes & baby blocks) ;0)
Giraffes Baby Shower Cake
a three tiered cake with a soccer ball on top
Soccer Birthday Cake
a birthday cake made to look like lego blocks
Lego birthday cake
there are many pictures of different items made to look like santa
Private Site
How To: Santa toppers tutorial