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a drawing of a blue whale with the words i'm with the dolphins on it
Good example of teaching students about "minimalist art". Communicating a message / saying with a simple representative image. Learning the patience and perseverance of thorough planning.
a watermelon slice is shown on an instagram
#watercolour.. Would love a series of fruit watercolours for the kitchen. Very cute.
a pineapple with green leaves is shown on a white background
Pina Pineapple Watercolor Print
- ̗̀ la vie est belle ̖́-
an artist's palette with watercolors and cards
Easy DIY Birthday Cards Using Minimal Supplies
Easy DIY Birthday Card Using Minimal Supplies - CAS - Watercolor by Kristina Werner - visit for video
a panda bear sitting on top of a bamboo tree
YA Author and Brush Artist
Afternoon Snack by Cindy Pon - Chinese Brush Art
blueberries with leaves and berries are shown in this watercolor painting style, including the words blueberry
Blueberry watercolor clipart
Blueberry watercolor clipart by everysunsun on @creativemarket
two blue fish are facing each other with a heart
cute heart drawing tumblr drawing and coloring for kids