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I’ve seen a look in dogs’ eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt, and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts. - Share if you love dogs! Dog Quotes, Animal Quotes, Dog Sayings, Vet Tech Quotes, Animal Poems, Voice Quotes, Farm Quotes, Nice Sayings, Tech Humor

The Eyes Of An Animal, Primitve Word Art Typography Pine Wall Sign

Up for grabs is my Vintage style Eyes Of An Animal a GoldieLoo Original Design. When I first ran across this saying I knew I had to make it into a Word Art sign. This is a great one for you animal lovers such as I or a great gift your the loved ones in your life. Made of Primitively aged 3/4" pine & using Milk Paints I have painted this one in Black with Light Oatmeal lettering. I can make it in other colors as well upon request. This Typography sign measures 11&1/4" X 18". I have aged it up…

I'm gonna cry😭😭😢😢! This is so sad a I am against dog fighting and the breed doesn't matter wether it be pit bull or boxer. I love all dogs big and small so dog fighting is not part of my life. Stop Animal Testing, Stop Animal Cruelty, Cane Corso, Save Animals, Animals And Pets, Chinchilla, Sphynx, I Love Dogs, Puppy Love

WHEN is this country going to pass laws that have some real impact? WHEN are judges going to put these people in prison? WHY are we STILL seeing this??? CALL WRITE EMAIL your congressional representatives and tell them NO MORE DOG FIGHTING!!!

This is baby choice, a precious 4 year old little girl. Burned by the saline solution used to abort her. This is not a mass of tissue, it is a precious unborn child created by God, destroyed by one of Gods own children. We Are The World, In This World, 5 Solas, Life Is Precious, Choose Life, Baby Kind, Faith In Humanity, The Life, Just In Case

When will people wake up. This is a poor sweet baby not a clump of cells or tissue.

People who like dog fighting are sick and should be ashamed. They should just let a dog rip their face up to see what it feels like for these poor creatures. Stop dog fighting NOW! Cane Corso, Sphynx, Chinchilla, Peta, Otter, Rottweiler, Animals And Pets, Cute Animals, Wild Animals


This petition has received 23,517 signatures. Because as an animal lover you shouldn't make it easy for abusers to get animals for their own sadistic pleasures or ...

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The Beagle Freedom Project is a mission to rescue beagles used in animal experimentation in research laboratories and give them a chance at life in a loving forever home. Read rescue stories, watch videos, learn more about beagles used in animal testing and how you can help.

Sign the Petition to Director of New Mexico Game & Fish Department, Fish and wildlife managers nationwide. · Stop Cruel Animal Traps in America by Trophy Hunting, Horror, Stop Animal Cruelty, Animal Rescue, Animal Adoption, Animal Welfare, Animal Rights, My Heart Is Breaking, In This World

Sign the Petition to Director of New Mexico Game & Fish Department, Fish and wildlife managers nationwide. · Stop Cruel Animal Traps in America by 2020!

This petition has received 46,671 signatures. As you read this, hundreds of animals have their foot, shattered and mangled in a foothold trap, or are slowly chokin...

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"Cows" by Ian Middleton

"Cows" by Ian Middleton: Buy prints, posters, canvas and framed wall art directly from thousands of independent working artists at

Helping a friend here! Be a Pal, He was always there for them, they had no time for him in the end. Us Vets, Poor Dog, All About Animals, Stop Animal Cruelty, Create Awareness, All Gods Creatures, Together We Can, Management Company, Property Management

Help Enzo! Emergency Rescue 7/22/13

LORD HAVE MERCY! Today's humanity is OUT OF CONTROL! This poor guy was found by a local property management company, left to die in the backyard of a vacant apartment. We just picked him up & rushed him to our vet where he's having a full check. Please send your positive thoughts as he will need all the strength & help he can get to make it through. If you would like to help towards his vet care, any amount is welcome & needed. Please share to help this poor dog!

Homeless with his forever friend. Please don't turn away.make a pledge to yourself.give up something this week.your favorite coffee or a lunch.and give that money to a homeless person! Homeless Dogs, Homeless People, Helping The Homeless, Puppy Backpack, Animal Bag, Network For Good, Rottweiler Puppies, Save Animals, Good Cause

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What to Do When You Encounter Homeless People With Pets

DOGS Willow was with picked up by an Animal Control Officer who found her starving and freezing on the streets of Chicago. She was unable to walk or stand and was in critical condition. Rescue was needed for her if she had any chance for survival. Animal Shelter, Animal Rescue, Animal Welfare Board, Pet News, Stop Animal Cruelty, Animal Control, Go Fund Me, Animal Rights, Rescue Dogs

Cher is back on the charts with ‘Woman’s World’

Animal control finds emaciated dog, near death and too weak to stand

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Sign the Petition to President Zuma · Save our Lions from canned hunting

TAKE ACTION! Help SAVE our world's lion population! Urge President Zuma to BAN CANNED HUNTING! Despite huge local and international condemnation at least 2000 lions continue to die every year at the hands of trophy hunters and at the hands of their owners who shoot and euthanize them to supply a growing trade in lion bones to China for the manufacture of “lion wine” that has become a substitute for tiger wine." Speak out against this medieval barbarism!