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the wall is decorated with different colors and gold sculptures on it's sides, along with other decorative items
a painting with flowers and leaves on it
Pichwai-cow motifs
an elephant is depicted on a colorfully decorated wall hanging above a green painted wall
a book with an image of a bird on it and the cover is red, blue, green, yellow
two brass figurines are hanging on the wall
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The beauty of this key holder cum wall decoration piece lies in the fact that it fuses two popular art techniques- the Dhokra wax casting, which is a lost wax casting technique, from Bastar in Chattisgarh and the Warli art, native to the tribals of Maharashtra. A perfect mix of beauty and utility!
a table topped with lots of brown and white cookies
Handpainted Pooja manai, kolam stool, return gift, small stool, diy