JOTUN LADY COLOR CHART 2017 // My favorites - Stylizimo

Jotun Lady Color Chart 2017 // My favorites


Moodboard - Living room

I would change the floor to a dark walnut, bring in some warmth. I would also bring in pops of color with Pop Art photos and accessories such as books and pillows. It would make it the perfect mid-century decor

IKEA 2018 catalog - make room for life

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IKEA catalog 2017 - Stylizimo

IKEA catalog 2017

IKEA catalog 2017 - It´s the launch of the IKEA catalog 2017 these days, and I find it very exciting to see whatever news IKEA have to offer.

Inspirasjon til soverommet - Stylizimo

Inspirasjon til soverommet

Planning a bathroom upgrade - Stylizimo

Planning a bathroom upgrade

SPONSORED Photo © Nina Holst The bathrooms in my home are old. More precisely 1986 old. Luckily, the main bathroom has a basic design with white t.