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a lego house with a car parked in front of it
a lego frog plays the banjo while sitting on a table
lego art
a lego model of a house with a windmill and people standing in front of it
Old Farmhouse
Hello! Welcome to my second project from a series of Designer Homes that I've been working on, the Old Farmhouse! This country style home features: Wrap Around Porch Water Well Windmill 3 Chickens (with eggs!) 2 Horses 2 Minifigs Fireplace Kitchen And More! I'm not sure if I can include the LEGO goat from 7189: Mill Village Raid and/or several pigs (some are discontinued). The horses would actually be a new different color (not reddish brown as seen above), with dualmolded/multicolored legs (sim
the instructions for how to build a lego house
LEGO Houses for adults anyone? - Chronicles of Nothing
a lego bird made out of yellow and red bricks
Duplo Animal - Duck