by Lars Beller Fjetland. Wood birds.

Norwegian designer Lars Beller Fjetland shared his lovely family of ‘Re-turned’ birds. A concept where ignored pieces of leftover wood are assembled together into cute little birds, giving them a new shot at life.

by Beetle and floor.

Porcelain Coyote Skull - Gold Designed by Christine Facella of Beetle and Flor

by Andreas Engesvik. Bunad Blankets.

Bunad Blankets is a series of blankets launched during the London Design Festival, September Inspired by Norway’s traditional national dress, Norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik has created a…

by Esra Røise. Illustration.

Esra Røise (Oslo, Norway) "I strive to make beautiful and interesting artwork. Art is always better when there is an actual idea behind it and it is not just something made to be pretty.