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an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by palm trees and lawn furniture in front of a modern home
move in
a black house is lit up by the light coming from it's entrance door
Framing House by Form / Kouichi Kimura Architects | HomeAdore
move in
a chair sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a fireplace in a room
House Reduction / Studio Bright
an image of a house that is on the twitter account for people to see it
Fraser Residence / Christopher Simmonds Architect
Fraser Residence / Christopher Simmonds Architect
a small black house with glass doors and windows
Eichler Remodel by Mediterraneo Design Build | HomeAdore
Love the colour contrast.
two people are standing in an open area with water and trees behind them on the other side of the building
Blog - Modernica | Made in California
Pierre Koenig Case Study House
the inside of a house with large windows and wooden roofing on top of it
Gallery of Les Marais / Alain Carle Architecte - 2
an outdoor swimming pool at night with lights on the side and windows in the back
Very Gentle
Inside the Box