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Food & Beer Pairings

Beer Pairing Certain types of beers can compliment specific food flavors just as wine does. Thanks to Wegmans, these charts provide great food pairing suggestions for

INFOGRAPHIC - It's no secret that we love hops, and here's a nifty visual representation of why!

Buy BrewDog beers including Punk IPA, Dead Pony Club and Jack Hammer. BrewDog merchandise and beer gifts available online.

Handy Beer Flavor Chart

beer flavor chart - hubby sells a majority of these. There are some great Michigan craft beer picks on here that I highly recommend!

There's so many types of beer out there that it can be tough to decide what you want to imbibe. This handy flow chart is here to help you with that.

It wasn't long ago when liquor stores carried five or six different beers. heavy hitters and maybe an import or two. Times have changed. Walk into your local booze shop now, and yo.