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an aerial view of people sitting on wooden benches in the middle of a rocky area
Career Path
“Travel is like a door through which one leaves reality as if to enter an unexplored reality that seems like a dream” Guy de Maupassant. Going beyond the essential functional layout (...)
an orange ball is sitting on the corner of a room with red and pink walls
Industrial Design Trends, Online Courses and Jobs - leManoosh
Industrial Design Trends and Inspiration - leManoosh
a stack of white boxes sitting on top of each other
Carol Robinson
Carol Robinson - Black Door Gallery
an image of a person standing at the top of a bridge with a tower in the background
Monument Valley: Most Beautiful iOS Game Available Now - Design Milk
Monument Valley: A World of Impeccable Architecture, Geometry and Landscape Twists
two tall concrete structures sitting on top of a dirt field next to the ocean under a cloudy sky
Kite by Marcin Sacha, Photography, Montage, retouching
photomontage. Kite, Artwork by Marcin Sacha. Image #352707
a black and white photo of a building in the middle of water with mountains behind it
nick stath explores space, scale, composition, and atmosphere in drawing series
nick stath explores space, scale, composition, and atmosphere in drawing series
an empty hallway with concrete walls and stairs
© Giuseppe Micciché
a car parked in front of a building on the side of a road with tall grass next to it
Brutalist House Concept Design by Adam Spycha?a
Architecture extraordinaire: Adam Spychała's House No. 118 & Citroen SM
two people are walking up some steps to a building
Fantastic maze condition, peaking in and out of spaces @tishkbarzanji - It was my first day in London, 1997. A woman approached me, “I…
a pink building with stairs going up and down it's sides in front of a red door
LA MURALLA ROJA - Casa de Valentina
an abstract photo of pink and purple architecture
14+ Tremendous Contemporary Interior White Ideas
9 Good Cool Tricks: Contemporary Facade Garage contemporary lighting wall.Contemporary Farmhouse Front Door contemporary home update.Modern Contemporary Chandelier..
an image of a room with stairs and a ball on the floor
Charlotte Taylor’s Architecturally Inspired Paintings - IGNANT
a palm tree is standing in the middle of an empty room with blue walls and concrete floors
Massimo Colonna – INAG | I Need A Guide
Massimo Colonna – INAG | I Need A Guide