Amazing braids

This is a beautiful fashion photo.the braid, the girl, the way the color of her eyes are picked up by the cowl. This is also a great cowl too, that can be worn as a scarf, capelet or hood.


The Red Balloon Photography. (Note to self: If I ever pursue photography it will be specifically for children's portraits. Adults tend to hide too much or over exaggerate—no fun!

Dialog, 1977. Rudolf Bonvie.

Rudolf Bonvie - Dialog 1973 Click para ver el precioso "diálogo" al completo.


Hello everyone! I am Sarah, a 21 year old American contemplating over the things I think are pretty. Most of the things here are Mori girl inspired, over-sived peter pan collars, trees, and pretty.

Esme Tosh.

Amarcord: le divine mostravano le gambe

Super shallow DOF, shot from above focused on eyelashes (eyes looking down) open directional light photo, black and white, woman, reference

close up

Bare Face :: Natural Beauty :: Love your Skin :: Summer Glow :: Messy Hair : Free your Wild :: See more Untamed Beauty Photography + Inspiration

Its harder to stand up when you are young, and lack the self-assurance that only comes from experience. You are more vulnerable and lack know-how. Which is why Fairy Tales are so inspiring. Maidens, Princesses, Children, Innocents-- They all find a way!