I wanna frame Middle Earth and hang it in my living room.

I love maps! Groovy idea: In the breakfast nook, inexpensive framed maps creatively chronicle the family’s travels. Read more: Beach House Decorating Ideas - Beach House Decor - Country Living collect the maps from the tourist office of the cities visited

Clans in Scotland

Clans in Scotland. The Raineys were a sept in the Macdonald clan. They inhabited the north western islands off Scotland. Utterly fascinated by Scottish history.

Tolkien's awesomeness

Middle Earth is the area shown in the top map. Arda refers to all of the land & waters shown in the map. Eä is the entire universe.

Hogwarts map

Not a fan of HP but I like maps! Hogwarts Engraving / by ~Gamma-ray-burst (Kiko Sanchez, Spain) / A Hogwarts map based on films design, inspired by century engraving style. Vectorized in Inkscape and colored in Photoshop

Mary Blair Neverland map

Custom Hot Selling Neverland Peter Pan Pillow case One Side Print in Home & Garden, Bedding, Sheets & Pillowcases

watercolor maps, bicycle portraits.

Beautiful hand-painted watercolour maps that are part of Stan Engelbrecht & Nic Grobler's project Bicycle portraits; a study of commuter culture is South Africa.

great britain

Her natural and industrial resources Infographic map of Great Britain made in late at Boston Public Library: “ Title: Great Britain. Her natural and industrial.

Matt Chase - Copenhagen map

Copenhagen City Map Illustustrations Amazing illustrations by Matt Chase for a city map of Denmark’s capital city and design mecca Copenhagen. The map was produced for Herb Lester Associates.

Trafalgar Square - London

Watercolour Illustrated Map of Trafalgar Square « Illustrated Maps Illustrated Maps