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Stine Berge

Stine Berge
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Take a moment to sit in the hot tub by yourself this winter to take time to think about everything. Night times always the best because the stars are out! Also, maybe you and a friend could take turns daring each other to jump in the snow and than race back into the warm tub?!?!

I don't care about the winter part really - just the hot tub part. I have been in a hot tub when it was freezing outside, but it wasn't winter. And I've swum in a heated pool during winter. So I'm going to count this one as an accomplishment.

A bucket list for girls

Every mom works hard they need a rest from doing work! She is the person that takes care of us everyday! Breakfast in bed is a great idea!

bucket list for girls

i would love to release a lot of stress so that i can feel more stress so that i can feel free to do anything and not have to worry about different things and be just a free women