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an info sheet with different types of boats and their names on it, including the colors
The Psychology of Color
Purple is a beautiful color that conveys regality, luxury, and sophistication. As a combination of red and blue, purple can be dramatic or subtle! Learn more about color psychology by viewing this infographic from an interior designer in South Florida.:
the linen is rolled up on top of the wooden floor and ready to be used
Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles & More | eBay
Vintage European WASHED Linen 7YDS homespun material hand-woven WASHED cloth
an iceberg with several people in a raft on the water next to it's surface
Striped Icebergs
Striped Icebergs
a large iceberg with many penguins on it
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this color is for real. first time i saw it i was astounded....
an image of ice formations in the snow
10 Most Amazing Lakes in the World
In March, Siberia's Lake Baikal is particularly amazing to photograph. The temperature, wind and sun cause the ice crust to crack and form beautiful turquoise blocks or ice hummocks on the lake’s surface. //So pretty EL//
an iceberg floating in the ocean with information about it
Top 10 Icebergs Underwater Real Pictures. | Most Beautiful Pages
an instagram page with the image of aurora and northern lights in the night sky
Aurora in Kitdalen, Norwegen. Den passenden Koffer findet ihr bei uns: Foto: Wyane Pinkston
an aerial view of the ocean and mountains
Original Paperbacks Clothing Hand Dyed in Los Angeles, California
The Lofoten Islands, Norway. Photo by Daniel Korzhonov
a building on top of a mountain surrounded by fog and low lying clouds in the sky
The Best Kept Secrets Of Oslo Norway
Oslo's Best-Kept Secrets
an iceberg that has been partially submerged in the water with waves coming out of it
Breathtaking Glacial Waterfalls in Svalbard, Norway - See more at:
the city is covered in snow and has lots of buildings on both sides of it
See this Instagram photo by @ilovenorway • 13.4k likes
the aurora bore is shining brightly in the night sky over water and mountains with rocks
~Chobbit Hobbit's Nature Corner~
Tromsø, Norway by: Even Tryggstrand
the water is crystal blue and green as it pours from the side of a mountain
The Seven Sisters waterfall Geiranger, Norway
The Seven Sisters Waterfall in Geiranger, Norway Lose up to 40 lbs in 60-days at: