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And every day and twice on Sunday, I do want you. More than life itself. Can this midlife crisis be over already ?

Someone from North Las Vegas posted a whisper, which reads "I'm constantly torn in between "fuck this, I deserve better" and "I don't want anyone else".

Erin Hanson (e.h), a 19 year old Australian. A reader, a writer and a nightmare fighter.

"It breaks your heart to know her mirror is how she estimates her worth and not the lives she's made much better by simply being on this earth" -Erin Hanson This is one of the most beautiful poetry I have come across.

790 Likes, 18 Comments - Lauren DeMoss Benson (@laurendemoss) on Instagram: “This is almost everything. People are going to talk bad about you. People aren't going to like you.…”

It didn't matter what people thought about her. Her focus was never on small talk. She had better things to do with her life, like become a better woman. She didn't care what people said behind her back because most of them never had the guts to say it to

'if you love me, let me go.' I love you dearly so I must to keep my own sanity

The process of letting go is so especially painful process but you need to let go, Otherwise we just keep ourselves stuck in the same place. It's not healthy to fantasize about a future with this person.

When you stop making life about taking care of everyone else and take care of you first.

This is my busy. I will not apologize. I lied and said I was busy. I was busy; but not in a way most people understand. I was busy taking deeper taking deeper breaths.

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I miss myself. I miss being able to trust you. I miss my heart. I miss you. Even when I'm in your arms, I miss you. If I could heal my heart and let you into it again, I wouldn't feel so lonely.