Steinar Nilsen

Steinar Nilsen

Steinar Nilsen
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Migrations and Evolution of Indo-European languages (500 b.c.- 1200 a.d)

Migrations & Evolution of Indo-European languages b.d) - Vivid Maps

Armenians and Greeks in 1900 & 2000

historical-nonfiction: “ The distribution of Armenians (in red) and Greeks (in purple), in 1900 CE and in 2000 CE. The mass movement of populations were the result of the Greek Genocide and Armenian.

mapsontheweb: United States: The Physical Landscape, 1996, by National Geographic.

"United States: The Physical Landscape" 1996 map by National Geographic, a true masterpiece of cartography

The Irish language in 1871

Eire 1871 - an Ghaeilge ag fas aris san aiteanna seo i 2013 Ireland 1871 - Irish language is growing again in these areas in 2013

The lost "middle Finns" - Languages Of The World

finno-ugric languages in Europe and beyond