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an image of a website page with the wordpress theme and it's layout
multiple images of different types of surfboards in the water with people swimming on them
Faith In Humanity Restored 12 Pics
an image of a man with blue eyes in front of a white background and text that reads
two screenshots of the same type of web page, one with an image of a bird on it
My sisler Is doing an experIment: Whenever men walk towards her, she doesn't move out 01 the way first, So far she has coHIded WM? 28 men. - iFunny
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Patricia Patricia DSC NEVER FORGET that Mexico sent troops and aid to help us after Hurricane Katrina. Barry alien @ Rico21 MEMEOLOGY I swear to god in my 26 years of life I never knew Mexico sent help for hurricane Katrina, this is the first time ive even seen pics - iFunny
the priest is standing in front of his congregation and giving a speech to some people
two screenshots of people at an event
the man is holding a baseball bat in his hand
Woah! Do not try this at home! #savethebees
the text message was posted to someone on their phone, and it appears to be very funny
Sad, but true