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two miniature mice dressed up in formal clothes and tuxedo, standing next to each other
Stuffed animals by Natasha Fadeeva
Stuffed animals by Natasha Fadeeva
a white cat dressed in blue and gold holding a silver ball ornament on it's head
a stuffed mouse with a chef's hat on holding a plate of carrots
Needle Felted chef Mouse Handmade by Tess
a small stuffed animal in a pink tutu with an owl on it's head
a stuffed mouse hanging from a rope
motleymutton - Etsy
sweet little mouse
two little mice are sitting in flower pots
Cute Mouse Collectibles | Selena Shops | Открытки, Валяние, Декупаж
images of charming tails | Charming Tails Flower Pot Mice. So precious!
a small white stuffed animal with big ears
morela a Yandeks.Fotkah ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring mice, animals, cartoon, fantasy and rodentia
a mouse dressed in an apron and holding a basket
a small toy mouse wearing a blue sweater and hat with a bag on it's back
a stuffed mouse is holding a broom in front of a table
a stuffed mouse holding a lit candle and wearing a red hat on top of it
Kris Mouse
Needle Felted Art by Robin Joy Andreae: Kris Mouse