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Health - exercise

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Trying to lose weight? Want a toned body? Looking for ways to combine strength training with cardio? Need more at-home workouts to keep yourself motivated? Then this collection of at home kettlebell workouts is for you! Working out with kettlebells allows you to exercise multiple muscle groups at the same time, and the act of swinging kettlebells burns a ton of calories, which makes it one of the most effective full-body conditioning workouts I've ever experienced. I'm serious!
More Kettlebell, Please! 9 Calorie-Torching Exercises
(4745) 16 Kettlebell Exercises for a Better Butt | Kettlebell Glute Exercises - YouTube


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(4731) How To Detect and Perfect The Mind Muscle Connection - YouTube
(4731) Detect and Perfect The Muscle Pump - YouTube

Concepts and signals

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(4758) Pro Bodybuilder Fixes Dr. Mike's Lat Pulldowns - YouTube

RP Fix Your Exercise

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(4675) Research-Backed 3-in-1 Move that's BETTER than Kegels! 💥 - YouTube
(4677) Untangling Pelvic Floor Dysfunction - YouTube
(4677) Myofascial exercises for chronic pelvic pain - YouTube

Pelvic floor

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(4850) How to Decompress the Spine for Back Pain (Traction) Without Equipment (60 sec) - YouTube


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(4835) MBPP EP. 727 - Mike Israetel: How to Gain Muscle & the Differences Between NATTY & ENHANCED Lifters - YouTube
(4766) How to add weight and reps to grow muscle - YouTube
(4758) Why do so many bodybuilders train to failure? - YouTube

Advanced Hypertrophy Concepts and Tools

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Creativity Exercises for Every Level - The Art of Education University
(4665) Mesocycle Design for Hypertrophy | Dr. Mike Israetel - YouTube
(4665) Mesocycle Progressions for Hypertrophy | Dr. Mike Israetel - YouTube

Mesocycle Design

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(4665) How to Build Your Next Hypertrophy Plan - YouTube
(4665) Breaking Through GROWTH PLATEAUS | Hypertrophy Made Simple #16 - YouTube

Hypertrophy Made Simple

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(4657) How Long Should You REST Between Sets? | Fundamentals Series Ep. 5 - YouTube
Jeff Nippard’s Fundamentals Program is perfect for beginner to intermediate lifters looking to build lean muscle while gaining strength.
(4657) Training Volume and Frequency | Chapter 2: The Fundamentals Series - YouTube


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(4574) How To Build Lower Chest | Fix Saggy Undefined Pecs - YouTube
(4478) The KEY To Fixing Your Lower Chest & Getting More Pec Development - YouTube

Chest - Lower Chest

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(5035) Massage Gun Heads: Use The Right One To Stop Pain & Speed Healing! - YouTube
Ever wish you could have those amazing most heat packs or the flexible ice packs your Physical Therapist uses? Here are two very simple way...
5 Best Massage Guns - Nov. 2021 - BestReviews


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(4977) Stop Doing Dumbbell Bicep Curls Like This! - YouTube
(4677) Hypertrophy Guide | Biceps | JTSstrength.com - YouTube


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(4700) How To Grow "Horseshoe" Triceps By Changing Arm Positions (Technique Explained) - YouTube
(4677) Hypertrophy Guide | Triceps | JTSstrength.com - YouTube


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(4218) Is The Smith Machine Good For Training Glutes? (30 Amazing Glute Exercises) - YouTube
(4218) How To Make Gains on the Smith Machine | Top 10 Exercises - YouTube

Smith Machine

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(4357) STRETCHING - Strength Builder OR Strength Buster (REVEALED!) - YouTube
(4356) The ULTIMATE Bench Press Warm Up (feat. Donnie Thompson) - YouTube
(4356) How to Warm Up for Squatting |#AskSquatU Show Ep. 5| - YouTube


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Two Body Parts a Day Workout Plan
(4684) TRAINING VOLUME & HYPERTROPHY: How Much Do You Need? ft. Dr. Mike Israetel - YouTube
(4657) Junk Volume: Why You Must Avoid It For Max Muscle - YouTube

Workout Frequency and Volume

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(4476) MOST EFFICIENT Workout For TRAPS (THIS WORKS!) - YouTube
(4170) All About Traps (COMPLETE GROWTH GUIDE!) - YouTube
(4170) YOKED: The Ultimate Trap, Neck and Delt Workout (Science-Based) - YouTube

Neck and Traps

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(4312) The Best Science-Based Full Body Workout for Growth (WORKOUT “A”) - YouTube
(4312) FULL BODY vs SPLIT TRAINING (Which Is Best?) - YouTube
(4150) Calisthenics & Weights - Workout Guide For Each Muscle Group - YouTube

Comparing Programs Body Weight Lifting Cross Fit

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Vagus Nerve Exercises To Rewire Your Brain From Anxiety - YouTube
(4150) 5 Easy Ways to STIMULATE THE VAGUS NERVE - YouTube
(4150) Diagnosing Cervical Instability - YouTube

Nerve Stuff

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(4150) 10 Calisthenics Exercises That Build The MOST Muscle! - YouTube
(4150) 7 Most Explosive Home Exercises (BODYWEIGHT!) - YouTube
(4150) 8 Best Band Exercises for Mass (DON’T IGNORE THESE!) - YouTube

Body Weight

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(5018) The Surprising Cause Of Most Knee Pain - And HOW TO FIX IT! - YouTube
Back Pain Relief Workout


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6 Types of Squats for a Better Butt
(5018) AMAZING Squat Variation You’re Not Doing - YouTube

Squat Deadlift and Row

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(5450) How to Build Core Stability (5 Ways for the COMPLETE Core) - YouTube
(4683) Best Hip Stretches For Pain Free Activity; Great For 50 & Over By Bob And Brad - YouTube
(4683) 6 Stretches You Should Do Everyday To Improve Flexibility And Function - YouTube

Back PT and Core Stability

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(4758) Lean Bulking Nutrition - What to Eat to Build Muscle & Lose Fat (Full Day Of Eating) - YouTube
(4698) Timing, Food Composition, and Supplements for Muscle Gain | Nutrition for Muscle Gain- Lecture 3 - YouTube
(4677) The JuggLife | Dr. Mike Israetel: Training & Nutrition for Beginners - YouTube

Eating and exercise

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