Silke Srebotnjak

Silke Srebotnjak

Silke Srebotnjak
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Blue Winged Olive Dry Fly Fly Tying Video

Learn to tie the Blue Winged Olive dry fly in this fly tying video from Dakota Angler & Outfitter. Blue Winged Olive mayflies are very common on trout streams

Wired Stonefly Nymph

The Wired Stonefly Nymph is a great heavy stonefly nymph pattern. The Wired Stonefly Nymph is not only heavy, but also life like.

Joan Wulff, master casting instructor, explains the fundamental role of the hand and the arm in fly casting.

In this segment from "Joan Wulff's Essentials of Fly Casting," the master instructor demonstrates all the basic parts of a good cast, from the pickup to the .