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the shadow of someone's hands behind a window with text that reads, secure windows and doors to protect them from breaking
Secure Windows And Doors To Protect Them From Breaking
Secure windows and doors are the key to a secure home. They are the entry point for most burglars and break first in storms. Luckily, there are simple steps...
a person holding up a cell phone with the text best family location apps that actually work
6 Best Family Locator Apps (That Actually Work)
Need to keep track of your children? Or make sure an elderly relative doesn't wander off? Here are the best family locator apps. We excluded all apps with a...
a motion detector mounted on the side of a wall with text overlaying it that reads, motion detector everything you need to know
Motion Detection Basics (Everything You Need To Know)
Motion detection is a big topic. But for most people, there are a few key pieces of information that are most important. Below we will cover the different...
It can also be tempting to refuse to let your children online. But it is best to teach them internet safety skills while they are young, rather than letting Internet Safety For Kids, Strangers Online, Staying Safe Online, Keeping Kids Safe, Talk To Strangers, Internet Safety, Online Safety, Parental Control, Home Safety
Complete Guide To Children's Internet Safety
It can also be tempting to refuse to let your children online. But it is best to teach them internet safety skills while they are young, rather than letting
people standing in front of a shield with the words staying safe online the complete guide for yourself and your family
Staying Safe Online: Complete Guide For You And Your Family
Staying safe online can seem overwhelming, given the thousands of potential threats. But a few simple precautions will keep you safe from most dangers. First,...
a blurry image of a person standing in front of a glass door with the words sliding glass door lock troubleshooting
Sliding Glass Door Lock Troubleshooting (The Order Is Key)
Sliding glass door lock troubleshooting involves checking for a few common issues, but you have to do it in the right order. Otherwise, you could end up with...
a woman sitting in front of a computer with the words move blue iris to a new computer
Move Blue Iris To A New Computer (Everything You Need To Know)
Unless you want to buy a second license, you need to move Blue Iris to a new computer. You can't just copy it and have it exist on both. Luckily, the process is...
a person holding up a smart phone with the text pros and cons of wireless home security systems
Pros And Cons Of Wireless Home Security Systems
You need to weight the pros and cons of a wireless home security system before deciding whether to go wired or wireless. Some of the cons could be a major problem, if...
the ultimate guide to building a smart home
The Ultimate Guide To Building A Smart Home
A smart home can completely change your life, making it so much more efficient. Building a Smart Home seems daunting, but our guide will get you set up in no time...
the best outdoor security lights complete buyer's guide with review
Best Outdoor Security Lights: Complete 2024 Buyer’s Guide • Spy Cameras Reviewed