1 Minute Knitting Tutorials

Learn different helpful knitting techniques, tips, and patterns in 1 minute!
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How to Knit Bobbles
Learn to knit bobbles, step by step!
How to fix dropped cast-on stitches (easy knitting trick)
In this tutorial, you'll learn an easy trick to fix a dropped cast-on stitch: What to do when we realize that one of the cast-on stitches has come undone…Accidentally, we dropped one stitch off, and suddenly there are two strands between your needles!
Fixing the last stitch in your knitting to avoid a loose loop at the edge
Learn an easy and effective trick to prevent a loose loop on your knitting edge: How to fix the last stitch. This simple knitting tip will help you to make a tidy edge!
Pick up and knit stitches
Learn how to pick up and knit stitches for a cardigan neckband
How to join 2 balls of wool yarn
Join 2 balls of wool yarn without knots! (It has to be at least 80% wool, and no superwash treatment).
Knitted cast-on
How to cast-on stitches: The knitted cast-on method
Stretchy Bind-Off
How to do a stretchy bind-off using a tapestry needle
Increases in the Fisherman’s Rib
How to make increases when knitting the Fisherman’s Rib stitch
How to knit a knot in 3 steps!
An easy way to add texture: Knit a Knot (The Knot Stitch Knitting Pattern)