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#Infografica L'Italia è il maggior produttore di #vino al mondo. Diamo un'occhiata al panorama mondiale!

An infographic of the world's top wine producers and consumers comparing the traditional old world nations of Spain, France and Italy to the new world regions such as the USA.

"The complete introduction to the #wine of #france … #infographic" RT @VinePair

A Complete Introduction To The Wines Of France - This infographic and map is your complete guide to France’s wines, including the major regions, the grapes that grow there, and their famous blends, along with general facts.

how much wine to pour

How Much Wine Should I Actually Be Pouring? There are approximately five glasses of wine in every bottle. But somehow you’re always running out too soon. The trick to making it last? It’s about knowing exactly how much to pour.

Meet the Big Eight - The Juice | Club W

These 8 grape varieties are referred to as the “Big because they are the best-known varieties throughout the world and have widespread appeal. They are also the most widely planted. Knowing a little about each of these varieties is a must. Club W