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a bald man standing in front of a house with no shirt on and his hair pulled back
The Happy Trail That Keeps On Giving
Wisdom, Poems, Motivation, Conscience, Phrase, Parole, Wise, Truth
10 Inspirational Quotes Of The Day (465) - LifeHack
two pictures of a little boy carrying bags in the middle of an alleyway, and then running down the street
Funny Pictures! on Twitter
i don't usually post things like this . Pandas, Sphynx, Fandom, Dog Cat, Crazy Cat Lady, Stop Animal Cruelty, Crazy Cats, Cats And Kittens
i don't usually post things like this .
Little girl triumphs over bullying teacher, is my new hero #Fail
NameBright - Coming Soon
NameBright - Coming Soon
an old black and white photo of a man laying on the ground in front of some buildings
Historic Photos | Themes | Slavery by Another Name | PBS
This photo of a man tied to a pickax shows a typical punishment for blacks living in forced-labor camps in the early 1930s.
a woman sitting in front of a green door holding up a photograph of her mother
still beautiful-Saira Liaquat, 22 yrs, burn victim and survivor, holding an old photograph of herself before she was burned with acid by her husband. There are presently over 300 cases of burn victims registered in Pakistan. Most victims are between the ages of 14 - 25 years old.
a firefighter is not a hero for the way they died
Firefighter, photographer brought together by tragic picture
- Ron Olshwanger's 1988 Pulitzer Winning Photograph - St. Louis Firefighter -
a sign that says japanese signs on it
Funny Pictures Of The Day - 51 Pics
Funny Pictures Of The Day – 51 Pics
a young boy is cleaning the floor with a mop and blood all over it
happy birthday indonesia from palestine
palestine child
a woman holding up a sign that says, since i'm from the other side
Grieving mother shares story of her son Baby Mason - YouTube
an abstract photo with multiple colors and lines
30 of the Most Powerful and Moving Images to Be Shared Online
These are some of the most powerful pictures I have ever seen.
a brown dog eating out of a white bowl on the cement floor next to cups
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#Petition - Provide hope for the street dogs of Mumbai! | YouSignAnimals.org
a woman holding a sign that says society heads don't tamed rather than don't race
Slutwalk Toronto
This is something that we as a people, a society, a culture & a nation need to change & change right the now!!!