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Iron man/ Tony Stark is my favourite avenger by far.... maybe even my favourite marvel hero.. O.o

I was on a band trip and we passed this donut shop and I was the only one who went all fandom. I was sooo excited! --//-- lol: "sir, I'm going to have to ask you to exit the donut.

so sad... :"( as amazing disney is, it sure knows how to hit you in the feels D,:

I miss you Grandma. But if there's one thing that Disney has taught me, it's that love is stronger and lasts longer than any separation. You'll be in my heart. "Don't say goodbye. Goodbye means leaving, and leaving means forgetting.

Frozen :3

Disney made an awkward "prince" and princess. A queen who wasn't evil, a first love was broken and not real. An act of true love doesn't have to be between a prince and princess, but sisters! What a great movie!

It's Jalopedics time!!

Beau james and daniel sleeping ❤❤ oh and then theres luke 😂