Solveig Lohne Ørum

Solveig Lohne Ørum

Opptatt av; "Menneskeverd", " Mitt Liv", Independent living, BPA (brukerstyrt personlig assistanse). Uloba SA Frihet for alle uavhengig form, farge og funksjon.
Solveig Lohne Ørum
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Never, Never, Never Let Go. You can't change people! They must change themselves! When are you going to be strong enough to face me?

Few scenes are as whimsical and delightful as an open field full of white puffy dandelions! Our inspirational quote sign will bring a hint of Mother Nature’s beauty into your home. The positive saying


My main focus is on God. He is the lover of my soul; I want God to be seen in me.

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From the time I asked God to change R.'s heart in the grade and he went from trying to fist-fight me every day to apologizing - took some time, though!