Solveig Reinsli

Solveig Reinsli

Solveig Reinsli
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Percy Jackson :P

Percy Jackson Quotes chart pretty much but I would replace party ponies for This is a PEN! They also need to add the dam snack bar too << and schist

Percy Jackson <3

According to Percy Jackson & the Olympians, yes, Olympus would be that way.>> I swear Disney could make up for the Jelsa thing by making a movie like Hercules except it's Percy Jackson THE RIGHT WAY

Percy Jackson

Lol and here we all are staring at Logan Lerman and internally complaining about what a terrible Percy he is.>>>I suspect a fangirl in our midst. HER FACE KILLLS ME

Percy Jackson<3

What would your reaction be if the titan war actually happened right their with police directing traffic←←i would be fighting with Athena's Cabin.<--<--- I'd fight with my brothers and cousins Brothers: Percy Tyson Cousins: Thalia Jason Nico etc.