Do you like stories about espionage? LG does:

LG’s latest Smart TVs to consist of NFC and Miracast compatibility

New way to learn physics invited by Stephen Hawking:

Stephen Hawking's Snapshots of the Universe.a set of 8 interactive experiments illustrating basic principles that control the universe plus extras: fact pages/diagrams/videos and book suggestions.

The openness of Android is double-edged sword:

Want to get blockbuster android games and other applications for your mobile devices check out here!

The first #Tizen-powered device. More about it you can find here:

Samsung revealed that its already-available smart camera is powered by its Tizen software, with Tizen phones to come in Also

New smartphone - from Russia with love. Two screens, two cameras. #YotaPhone #Yota #device #smartphone

New smartphone - from Russia with love.

App for #Pebble are available in #AppStore!

Releases an Appstore for – Calling for Help With the Android Version

10 worst passwords of 2013

"Password" Unseated by on Splashdata’s Annual "Worst Passwords" List

#Starbucks fail:

#Starbucks fail:

New feature to sort candies

A slick candy sorting machine that arranges sweets by color. Essentially, the machine separates different colored Skittles and M&Ms pieces and puts them into individual cups.

#Apple against child labour:

China Labor Watch says that an undercover investigation at a Pegatron factory manufacturing iPhones and iPads found that of workers there were working in excess of 60 hours a week – the limit l…

#Friendshippr - the way you can help your friends

#Friendshippr - the way you can help your friends

Guys from #Kickstarter want you to like paper planes using mobile #technologies

How long did your best grade school paper airplane stay airborne for? Or were you one of those talented and gifted types who could tur

Spain it is not only ham and wine:

Spain it is not only ham and wine:

The first #Jolla #smartphone

Jolla Sailfish smartphone designed by Ex-Nokia employees is now shipping in Europe - TechShout

#Winapm - do you remember it? We do:

#Winapm - do you remember it? We do: