Ravelry: Project Gallery for Riddari pattern by Védís Jónsdóttir

Riddari pattern by Védís Jónsdóttir

Ravelry: winterlover's Létt-Lopi Cardigan with awesome explanations on how to turn the vest pattern into this cute cardigan!

winterlover's Létt-Lopi Cardigan

Ravelry: Winter Lovers Létt-Lopi Cardigan With Awesome Explanations On How To Turn The Vest Pattern Into This Cute Cardigan!

Жакет реглан платочным узором на пуговицах

Sweet Olivia Cardigan - Knitted DROPS jacket in garter st with raglan, worked top down in "Alpaca". - Free pattern by DROPS Design

Make Your Own Basics: The crewneck cardigan

The second of the three cardigans I think any well-rounded closet should include (the first mentioned being the V-neck cardigan) is the ultra-classic crewneck cardigan. Of course, the key ingredien…