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Trigger Advisory Warning: While I don't think this post is very triggering, I do discuss managing anxiety & some of its general causes, so .

daw owo

daw owo

Loki'd! omg hahhaha xDD

I'd carry one around in my pocket, put another on my bedside table, and the last I would put the last one in the TARDIS box I painted so it would be Loki in the TARDIS! :D - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

ohmygosh, ~

After months of torture I'm sure you were all dying to see my god tier cosplay. (lol nope) BUT HERE IT IS! That windy kid


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Karkatster by *missingPantaloon on deviantART

Karkatster by *missingPantaloon on deviantART.I ADORE this punkstuck Karkat art sooo much OMG. I did I paint over the original communism symbol on his shirt and sorta made it into a sickle shape.