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Aloha: love, affection, compassion, mercy, sympathy, pity, kindness, sentiment, grace, charity.  Aloha spirit is a part of everything in Hawaii: people surf with aloha, cook with aloha, and even write work emails with aloha.  Aina: land.  Ohana: from oha the taro plant, signifies that all ohana come from the same root and family.  Mana: life energy that flows in everything: chance to gain or lose it. Pono: righteousness.

Hawaii is the happiest state and we are the happiest couple.what a fabulous place to celebrate a successful Union and a life of happiness From The Huffington Post article 5 Hawaiian words to Redefine Health, Happiness and Power in your Life

The Milky Way in Maui Hawaii (Seen this firsthand when visiting Maui on Haleakala the inactive volcano)

The Milky Way in Maui Hawaii~ reminds of the camping nights in Culebra, PR:) sleep w blankets on the softness sand, while looking @ a starry sky like this falling sleep to nature music soothing crashing waves