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Alone and lonely...different things...

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Do you know what it feelslike because I do. I go through this everyday and I have to hide it with a smile everyday. U think ur gonna make it better by reporting them for self harming? No youre wrong ur gonna fuck up everything more. but you dont know what its like because you cant face the truth u have to live a lie. U cant say that u cut once or twice. You have to lie. Because u had no reason to do it. Injust want to punch u in the face and tell u to just stop and shut the fuck up.

If anyone can find a way to help with cutting and depression, let me know. Reporting someone's self-harm only makes it worse. I've had first-hand experience with that happening to me, but it only made me hide the cuts better.

This is exactly my thoughts put into words. Exactly. Just so you know.

I don't really want to be happy anymore, I've broken so much I've shattered and i cant be fixed anymore<<I hope you are okay. Forgive but never forget what it taught you.