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Cabin Ryfylke - interior 2 - Resell Arkitektur

Gallery of Cabin Ryfylke / Pir II Oslo + Resell Arkitektur - 3

Dark | Projects | OSLO SKATEHALL

The Oslo indoor skatepark by Dark Arkitekter.

Idunsgate Apartment

Haptic Architects - In order to maintain an open space, yet still create a slight divide in the Idunsgate apartment in Oslo, Haptic architects placed a suspended steel.

Utøya Hegnhuset

Image 27 of 46 from gallery of Hegnhuset Memorial and Learning Center / Blakstad Haffner Arkitekter. Courtesy of Blakstad Haffner Arkitekter

Jensen & Skodvin

Water Source, Changbai Protective roof over drinking water source. For a drinking water company in northern China, Jensen & Skodvin have designed a walking.

Jensen & Skodvin

Juvet landscape hotel - first phase Juvet Landscape Hotel is located at Valldal, near the town of Åndalsnes in north-western Norway. Passing tourists are attracted by a spectacular waterfall in a deep gorge near the road, Gudbrandsjuvet.